Payment Options

At Alpine Home Care, we provide the value of top-quality care with our strong clinical oversight, while still allowing your loved one their desire to remain in their home. We realize that the cost of home care services can add up over time, but this cost is considerably less expensive than a nursing home or other senior living facility options, again while in the comforts of your own home.

Payment for our home care services can be handled in the three following ways:

  • Private Payment
  • Long-Term Care Insurance – We have significant experience in working with long-term care insurance and the various carriers of this insurance. We will work hard to ensure a seamless rollout of your claim on this policy.
  • Veterans Benefits – At Alpine, we honor those who served our country by accepting veterans benefits. We are very familiar and highly experienced in working with the US Department of Veterans Affairs to make sure these benefits are available and easily accessible. It’s our privilege to help care for those who so bravely took care of us.