Senior Care Safety: Enjoy a Safe and Healthy Cookout with Your Family

Senior Care in Devon PA

Senior Care in Devon PA As the weather warms up your thoughts might be turning to bringing your senior care efforts outside so that you can enjoy this fresh and beautiful season. During the spring and summer one of the most common and beloved forms of outdoor activities is having a cookout. Getting outside with your aging loved one to enjoy a backyard cookout is a fantastic way to get some fresh air, absorb vital vitamin D, and encourage mental activity for your aging parent. This is also a wonderful chance for you to invite friends and family over to enjoy the meal, giving your aging parent more social interaction that can boost their mental, emotional, and cognitive health.

As with anything in your senior care journey, however, it is important that you take the time to ensure your cookout is safe and healthy for everyone involved. Cookouts can pose a variety of dangers and it is important that you not only recognize the potential for these dangers, but also that you take steps to avoid them and to address them if issues should arise.

Use these tips to help you enjoy a safe and healthy cookout with your family this spring and summer:

• Use sun safety. Unless you are going out after the sun has fully set, make sure that everyone wears proper sunscreen and clothing to protect them from the sun’s rays. The most intense sunlight of the day is between the hours of noon and 4 in the afternoon, so it is likely that you will encounter some of these intense rays if you are planning a cookout for a normal dinner hour.

• Protect from bugs. As the evening progresses the danger will turn from the sun to the bugs that may make their appearance during this time of day. Protect your loved ones with bug spray or bug repellant bracelets. These will not only keep these unwanted guests from frustrating you during your cooking and eating, but will also help to prevent itchy bites that can make your parent vulnerable to infection.

• Properly maintain the grill. No matter what type of grill that you choose to use, it is important that you properly maintain it. This will help to prevent serious issues such as flares, equipment breakdown, and other dangers. Make sure that the grill is cleaned well, removing any fat and debris from the grate as well as the interior of the grill. If you use a gas grill, make sure that the tank is in good working order and that you only use the amount of gas recommended.

• Keep their distance. Do not permit anyone to get close to the grill while it is on. This includes while you are cooking and until the grill is fully cooled. The grill itself should not be placed close to the home, garage, or vehicles. Make sure that your parent, children, and others are away from the grill when you are lighting the fire.

• Prepare safety measures. Have a few “just in case” supplies on hand to handle any sudden emergencies. A first aid kit that includes burn remedies and a fire extinguisher should be close to the grill at all times.

• Practice food safety. Foodborne illness is not just something that happens in restaurants. Make sure that you use proper food safety measures throughout the experience, including not allowing foods to sit out for more than one hour if they are meat, poultry, fish, or mayonnaise based, or two hours for other foods. This includes preparation, cooking, and eating time.


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Tom Smith, President & CEO

Tom Smith, President & CEO

President and CEO at Alpine Home Care
Tom Smith is Alpine Home Care’s President and Chief Executive Officer with over 25 years of well-rounded strategic, operations and management experience at public and private healthcare companies in the following
areas – hospice and home health care, medical devices, medical equipment, infusion therapy and behavioral
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Tom Smith, President & CEO