Elder Care Adventures: Great Outdoors Month

Elder Care in Allentown NJ

Elder Care in Allentown NJJune is Great Outdoors Month. This is a fantastic opportunity for your aging parent to get out of the house and boost their health and well-being through more time outdoors. The warmer weather and longer days of summer make it perfect for leisurely activities, and if you have children, them being out of school for the summer make it ideal for enjoying multigenerational activities together. These can help you to encourage more physical activity for your aging parent as well as stimulating their mind and boosting their mental, emotional, and cognitive health.

Let these ideas inspire you for activities that you can enjoy with your aging parent during Great Outdoors Month:

• Plan a “campout.” You do not actually have to stay out in the great outdoors in order to have the fun of camping. Get your children involved in an activity that is fun and exciting, but that is also safe and comfortable for a senior who may not be able to handle the demands of actually camping. Light a fire in a contained fire pit, set up lawn chairs, and enjoy campout treats such as roasted hotdogs and s’mores. As the sun goes down, sing songs, play simple games, and share stories. Even if you only stay out until the first fireflies show up, you will have treasured memories of this evening “out.”

• Visit the trails. Hiking does not have to be a daunting task for you and your aging parent. There are many trails available that are smooth, straight, and even, allowing for a comfortable hike even for complete beginners. Research your parent’s area to find walking trails that you will let you get out and enjoy nature together. Be sure to bring along plenty of water as well as a camera to capture all of those amazing memories you will make.

• Hit the water. You do not have to stick to the land to appreciate the great outdoors during Great Outdoors Month. Spending some time on the water is a fantastic way to keep your aging parent cool and comfortable while having fun enjoying the beauty of nature. Be sure that you carefully follow the safety rules of the water, including making sure that everyone involved in the activity is wearing a proper U.S. Coast Guard-approved life vest and knowing how to respond effectively if someone is struggling in the water.

• Try something new. Make special memories this summer by trying a new activity with your aging parents. Visit a new beach or go for a horseback ride through the mountains. Find an outdoor activity that is within the abilities of your aging parent but that will stimulate their mind and body.
An elder care provider can be an exceptional source of help during the summer months. A home care provider can not only encourage your aging parent to get outdoors and enjoy being more active, but can also provide support and assistance while they are enjoying activities with you, giving you peace of mind that they are safe, healthy, and comfortable.

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