How to Deal with Unsolicited Advice from Other Family Members

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Caregivers in Philadelphia PAAs a family caregiver you’re very likely to hear from other family members that you should be doing this, that, or the other for your elderly loved one. It can be a frustrating thing to hear, especially when the advice is about a problem you’re already trying unsuccessfully to resolve. Here are some ideas for how to handle that unsolicited advice that can make the situation better for everyone involved.

Remember They’re Not as Invested as You Are

It’s always easy to have advice on a situation when you’re not in it yourself. And from the outside, your other family members may think that they see an obvious solution to problems you’ve been dealing with for a very long time. They don’t know that you’ve tried a number of different solutions or that your loved one isn’t cooperating with finding a solution. Try to keep in mind that the people offering you advice are doing so from a vastly different perspective than the one that you experience on a daily basis.

Ask for Their Help

One way to handle unsolicited advice is to respond by saying, “That’s a fantastic idea. Would you like to start handling that for our elderly loved one?” Then you can turn over that end of things to the relative who expressed an interest in that particular problem. It’s one more thing off of your plate and it’s a way for that family member to contribute to your elderly loved one’s current situation. It can also give that family member a new perspective on what being a family caregiver is all about.

Schedule Regular Meetings

Sometimes other family members are quick to hand out advice because they just don’t know what exactly is going on with your loved one. Perhaps you’ve given them the information, but it’s somehow not sunk in. Start scheduling regular meetings with family members so that you can keep everyone posted on what’s going on with your elderly loved one. You might just find that those family members are less likely to offer unsolicited advice about what you should be doing because they have a better understanding of what you are already doing.

Dealing with advice you didn’t ask for can be frustrating, but there’s often a well-meaning person behind the advice.

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Tom Smith, President & CEO

Tom Smith, President & CEO

President and CEO at Alpine Home Care
Tom Smith is Alpine Home Care’s President and Chief Executive Officer with over 25 years of well-rounded strategic, operations and management experience at public and private healthcare companies in the following
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Tom Smith, President & CEO