Is Your Car the Right One for Being a Family Caregiver?

Caregivers in Ardmore PA

Caregivers in Ardmore PAWhen you’re caring for an elderly loved one, it can become obvious really quickly that the items you’ve owned for years suddenly aren’t the right ones for your new lifestyle. This is especially true when it comes to your car. While it might have been perfect for you before, now you may have vastly different needs.

Easy Access

Whether your elderly loved one has hip problems or simply needs a little extra space in order to get into a vehicle, easy access is definitely something that your vehicle needs. If the vehicle is too high, it might be impossible for your loved one to lift herself into it. By the same token, a vehicle that’s too low could be equally difficult. Ask your loved one about any difficulties that she has getting into or out of the vehicle. Some might be resolved with assistive devices, but others might mean this isn’t the right vehicle at all.

Lots of Room

The right car for a family caregiver needs to have plenty of room inside. Your loved one may need additional room just to spread out or you may need to make sure that you have space for the kids, your elderly loved one, and anyone else who needs to travel with you. Look at your busiest driving days and see whether you need extra space or not.

Lots of Cargo Space

Along with cabin room, you may also need lots of cargo space. If your loved one uses a wheelchair or a walker, it has to go somewhere when it’s not in use. If your trunk is tiny or you have absolutely no cargo space at all, you might want to think about a car that has a lot more room for you to store those types of things.

Hands-free Tools and GPS

Options such as Bluetooth can help your loved one to navigate things like her cell phone much more easily while she’s in your car. You might also want to either add an aftermarket GPS system or find a car with a decent one built right in. That way you don’t have to worry about finding that new doctor’s office on your small smartphone screen when you’re running late for an appointment.

Even some of these changes can make a big difference for both you and your elderly loved one when you’re taking her places often.

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Tom Smith, President & CEO

Tom Smith, President & CEO

President and CEO at Alpine Home Care
Tom Smith is Alpine Home Care’s President and Chief Executive Officer with over 25 years of well-rounded strategic, operations and management experience at public and private healthcare companies in the following
areas – hospice and home health care, medical devices, medical equipment, infusion therapy and behavioral
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Tom Smith, President & CEO